Silk, Silk, Silk! 

Jackets, Tunics, Skirts, and Pants in Thai Silk, Dupioni, Shantung, Raw Silk, and Silk Velvet. Stunning designs in divine colors to complement a variety of lifestyles, shapes, and sizes, and .... 

all very Indo-Chic!




When Indo-Chic founder Suzy Abuza traveled to Viet Nam to visit her son, a venture in clothing design had never entered her mind. However, while there, she was tantalized by the myriad colors of silk and could not resist having several pieces made for herself. 

It was her flair for design and a tailor's ability that was the onset of the Indo-Chic label. Suzy returned to the states flaunting her new rags - much to the delight of her friends who envied the jackets' jewel tones and feminine lines. Their admiration was such that she felt encouraged enough to return to Viet Nam a year or so later to start this business. 

The elegance of the jackets she designed was not simply the stunning hues, but - rather - that they were age appropriate, specially designed, and cut to flatter a woman's body. Abuza had, she realized, stumbled upon a neglected market. Ten years later, with a customer based upwards 17,600 Indo-Chic boasts over 30 designs, each of them its own testament to classic elegance and effortless chic.